Today we are going to learn a step by step process on how businesses work as well as everything that you need to know. When dealing with a business you have to have knowledge on how to manage your finances, making sure to legally gather all documents that you need, have a license in the business that you want to pursue, ask for help if you need it, and most importantly have good people skills. Globalizing has a very heavy influence on the world’s economy even to this day. Not every business is a complete success. Just try to remember not to think too highly of yourself. To much arrogance, terrible organization and bad management can lead business to total disaster. Always keep in mind that keeping happy customers as well as managing to keep employees happy and having a positive attitude always leads to a great ongoing business. If your business becomes very big and well known internationally then be aware of the requirements that foreigners look for.

 They will be expecting that everything good that they’ve heard about your business is true and sometimes may want to work with the business owners companies in order to not only help your business but, their business grow as well. Working together with others in a business allows both you and the other business owners hold ownership, deals, good partnership and responsibility.

International Business

International business involves dealing with customers, governments, stakeholders and employee’s. Therefore business holders should be considerate of many factors when conducting business in global markets. Having a good pricing strategy and supply chain management is a great way to keep good businesses going strong. There are four types on international business strategies. They are international, multi-domestic, global and transnational. When it comes to using a transnational strategy keep in mind that it keeps a business head quarter in its countries origin and allows that company a company keep marketing flowing smoothly. Think of it as having a mix between a global and a multi-domestic strategy all in one. Doing research and thinking of new and better ways to help customers helps businesses grow exponentially.

 Costs are constantly driven by foreign, legal and regulatory concerns as well as hiring new and buying or renting offices and production spaces. The next strategy is global. This strategy basically helps you expand your businesses growth. You can grow your customer base and sell more and more products in foreign markets. Keeping a global friendly business helps keep the business growing along with having a good partnership with foreigners as well. Now a days technology is growing and selling and buying online is becoming more popular. With good customer service and transportation; it making business easier on both the employees as well as the customer. As be organized and keep a problem solving mindset and the customers will come back every time.


The next strategy is multi-domestic. This is kind of like bahrain economics in a way. In order for a business to adopt a multidomestic business strategy it must invest in establishing its presents in a foreign market and tailor its products and services to the local customer base. Most of the times businesses keeps their business in their countries origins, However to have an international business you are able to establish an overseas headquarters so that your business can manage to grow so that you can utilize this expansion strategy in a limited amount of countries. The final and most foremost strategy to use for your global business is international. Using this strategy is basically used for exporting and services to foreign markets. If you manage to use all three of these strategies then you are sure to have a future of success.

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