Cryptocurrency startups have exponentially grown in recent years. According to an Angelist data release, more than $400 million has been invested in cryptocurrency startups from 2013 to 2017. This has also increased the employment rate in this industry, which currently hires engineer talent. Many companies look for talented Software Engineers with an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Here, we’ll show you some of the ways to land a career in a crypto startup.

Reasons to Join a Cryptocurrency Startup

If you’re a software developer who’s interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency, working at a crypto startup is a big goal. Cryptocurrency startups have been scaling fast in the market and this is reflected in the growing investments in the sector. So, there’s a big opportunity for career development for everybody, not only software engineers. Here are the two main reasons why software engineers would like to join a crypto startup:

  1. Better Salaries:

Software engineers usually have a good salary of up to $107,000 per year. However, in cryptocurrency startups, this is 10-20% more than the average. Competitive salary offers are one of the main reasons why software developers choose a crypto startup over other companies. Besides, these companies usually offer career advancement opportunities, which means that if you scale positions, you’ll be able to earn more than you initially did when you started working there.

  1. Remote working opportunity

Buffer conducted a survey that reveals many people that would prefer to work remotely rather than the traditional office space. According to this report, 99% of people would like to occasionally work remotely. Software developers are no exception to this rule. Crypto startups allow them to work from anywhere they want. Besides, being a digital nomad has several benefits, from traveling anytime you want to be the owner of your time. You may have some stipulated hours to work at a crypto startup, but you’re surely going to be able to organize your schedule based on your lifestyle.

Understanding the Basics

In the past, it was very hard to educate yourself on cryptocurrency and blockchain topics because there wasn’t a lot of information online. But this has changed. If you’d like to work at a cryptocurrency startup, you’ll need to understand the basics of crypto and blockchain. You can learn the basics online and do some volunteering that allows you to gain experience.

Skills Needed to Become a Software Developer in a Crypto Startup 

To work as a software developer in a crypto startup, you don’t necessarily need a computer science degree, as companies have become flexible in this requirement. But, you do need to have the talent to code and work with certain programming languages that you’ll use with blockchain development like Rails, Go, C++, PHP JavaScript, React.js,  Node.js, Python, bitcoins, Java, Ethereum, Ruby on, MySQL, and others. You also need to be able to develop UX and UI oriented products.

If you understand the basics of blockchain but you’re not a software developer, you can always learn with a coding bootcamp. Most coding bootcamp schools offer you a complete program to become a software developer and they have flexible payment methods. 

You also need to be a blockchain master to be considered to work in a crypto startup. Matt, a member of the Picks and & Shovels said: “We look for someone that has shown an ability to get up to speed and become pretty dangerous with new technology quickly. It’s about that passion to learn something complicated. We want people who can’t sleep at night unless they’ve spent their days working on blockchains.”

Know Where You’d Like to Work 

Many companies are currently hiring software development engineers, you only need to do some research to know which companies work best for your needs. LinkedIn is a great source to identify which companies are recruiting. There, you’ll be able to check their reputation, their requirements, and the best thing is that you can also find some contacts to reach out to when you’re ready to send proposals.

There are two other great places where you can find jobs in this industry and they’re called Crypto Job List and Blocktribe. These are great resources because they’re blockchain-oriented and they have a vast variety of companies in the cryptocurrency industry.


In close-knit communities like the blockchain sector, you can surely benefit from meeting like-minded individuals. Networking is a brilliant way to start showcasing your knowledge and skills. The best thing you can do is start attending blockchain conferences and events where you can meet amazing people in the field. This way, you’ll start opening doors for your career and you’ll get oriented to make better decisions in this industry.


Internships and volunteer work are the best paths to learn about this industry. Maybe you’re a software engineer and you’re passionate about blockchain, but you’re getting rejected by most companies for not having the required experience in the crypto sector. This is the perfect scenario to encourage you to start applying for internship positions. You’ll probably work for free at first, but this will allow you to get experience, get to know influential people, and showcase your skills. Some startups that don’t openly say they’re accepting volunteers, but since most of them are in the early stages they’ll surely accept your help. This could be an exciting opportunity for you.

Wrapping up

Blockchain has been significantly growing and will continue to do so in the years to come. It is an amazing industry to work for because of the salary benefits and the chance to work remotely. If you’re planning to build a career in a crypto startup as a software developer, you’ll need to show that you have the skills to be a blockchain developer master. 

Elizabeth Stark, the CEO of Lightning Labs, a crypto company, told Angelist: “We expect people to have prior knowledge, but the good news is there are many resources out there for people to get started learning on their own. We don’t care if you have a degree. We care about your ability to learn and execute.”

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