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What is Solanart NFT Marketplace?

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    Solanart is the recently launched NFT marketplace, yet it is also on the top marketplace lists. This marketplace works on the Solana blockchain. Users can mint, buy, and sell NFTs which are developed in the Solana blockchain. Even though it is fresh to the NFT universe, yet it has a trading volume of $500 million.

    These things made the Solanart NFT marketplace so popular:

    Speed: This is one of the major advantages of Solana when compared to ethereum-based NFT marketplaces. The Solanart can handle about 65,000 transactions per second and it can host a 400-millisecond block time, which makes it one of the hyperactive NFT blockchains.
    Gas Fee: Gas fees on the solanart platform is very low when compared to other platforms. Creating an NFT on Solanart will cost you around $0.04 & 0.12 which is way lesser when compared to the competition.
    Cost of NFT: The cost of NFTs on other platforms is high. But on Solanart it is very low, thanks to its low gas fee. There is not only solanart NFT marketplace there are many popular NFT Marketplaces are there you can explore here the top nft marketplaces >> Top 7 NFT Marketplaces To Look in 2023 & Beyond. If you looking to create your own NFT Marketplace you can contact any NFT Marketplace Development Company like Bitdeal.

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