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What is Rankingball LOL?

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    Morning day-8 RMO guys.

    While sitting at home, got nothing to do why not playing games right?
    Being an LOL fans brought me to this fantasy sports and esports games called Rankingball.

    They provided services for NBA (Basketball), NFL (American Football). NHL (Ice Hockey), MLB (Baseball), Soccer and LOL.
    But since the pandemic spread of Covid-19, most of the sports are currently being delayed. Due to that unfortunately now only LOL is available to play.

    In RankingBall LOL, players can fill out a bingo deck based on their prediction of which player will score the most kill and assists, and which team will win the match. Based on the results, players may earn cryptocurrency such as GDC (Global Digital Content) token and game points that can be cashed out for variety purposes.

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