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Rankingball Study 1

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    Bingo Board Arrangement Method 1

    1. Monster Kill and Destroy are chosen from the same team
    2. Monster Kill and Destroy are positioned horizontally. → 46% Bonus Point
    3. Kill and Assist from the same team are positioned diagonally. (Once a Kill is activated, the diagonal Assist becomes activated as well. Therefore, both cells are activated and users can win the highest Bingo bonus → 49%)
    4. Assists are vertically positioned in the → 46% Bonus Point

    Bingo Board Arrangement Method 1 Result

    1. Scores: 24,058.02
    2. Bingo Counts: 56
    3. Activated Counts: 78

    Bingo Board Arrangement Method 1 in detail
    1. Out of 24 users with higher scores, the top 17 users (70.83%) scored more points when their Monster Kills and Destroy were positioned horizontally regardless of the team choice.
    2. Out of 17 users, 12 users (70.59%) chose both Monster Kills and Destroy from the same team.
    3. The average scores for the 12 users were 16,392.75 which is a high record for a single set.
    4. In App single contest, users with more than 12,999 scores won 3,500R$ as a maximum reward.

    Statistics Analysis
    1. When applying Method 1, there were 62 contests with scores higher than 20,000
    2. 62 games with scores over 20,000 points were performed by only two users. (A user with one account can participate in all contests associated with a single game so it may contain duplicate records)

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