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Next Gen sports/esport game!

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    What brought RankingBall and Blockchain together?

    RankingBall was founded to unlock a unique gaming platform, which will renovate the traditional sports
    and esports gaming industries.
    Until now, many game companies have spent enormous time and money to comply with local rules,
    regulations and licensing requirements related to gaming, payments, KYC and AML before they can
    launch their businesses.

    By issuing our Ethereum-based token, GDC, we solve many of the issues related to regulations and
    cyber-crime across multiple regions. Many game companies have been accused of customizing their
    games for their own benefits and controlling their user items or game money. Plus, many online game
    companies have dealt with cyber-crime like hacking, fraud, and cheating executed by many game

    Unlike the centralized game company, Rankingball allows users to create or participate a transparent
    contest which can be tracked by blockchain technology. This is significant because a game company
    will not be able to arbitrarily change its system to allure users or to control their game property. In
    addition, hackers would find it extremely difficult to distort the blockchain games which would also help
    to extinguish cyber-crime issue.

    We believe this will allow RankingBall to not only lead the sports/esports gaming frontier, but also
    create a whole new ecosystem that connects gamers, sports/esports media, and game

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