On 17th Jan, Genesis C.A.T meetup organized by Genesis group and co-host with LD capital and ChainUP was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is the 8th station of Genesis C.A.T Global series roadshow after Korea, Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia, Thailand and other countries.


Investment is risky. This sentence is still the best reminder of old and new investors. Especially in today’s era where there is so much to invest Whether new financial products, digital money, to start-ups that do not use traditional investment procedures, Dsion owns a blog chain for investment in startups that believe that their technology be of assistance. Investors can  make better investment choices using Dsion.


Dsion uses blockchain technology to create an investment system that is “fair and safe” by developing the investor’s capital management system. When investing in Dsion’s system, the capital will be divided into 2 parts. The first part will be actually invested with the network startup. And the second part is the Value Assurance Token (VAT) portion that is reserved to compensate in the event of an emergency such as the company being shut down. The money in the first part will go through the evaluation process that should be invested in the company. Causing investors to be able to check their own investment status

For start-ups in the network, Dsion will select startups from all over the world through the contest. Which currently has 3 rounds in South Korea, Singapore and the Philippines The start-ups that join the network will receive help and advice from experts. Including evaluations from independent investors and professionals at all times To determine the direction of money from network users

Dsion’s investment platform plans to open in mid-year. It is interesting to see what the mechanism that will be actually used. Especially in terms of being a fair and safe system for investors Including the goal of encouraging investment for more startups as well

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