Devslopes is giving our readers free access to new era blockchain elearning courses from Devslopes over the next few weeks. The Devslopes team is a leading provider in the developer elearning industry, with a custom digital classroom application that supports over 300,000+ active users. Devslopes strives to produce high quality developer focused training materials that helps users of all skill levels. Devslopes has identified a massive shortage of blockchain developer training resources and is filling this void.

There are currently 1,935 global job postings on Indeed for blockchain related positions. There are 8,000+ job postings on LinkedIn for blockchain developers. The number of job openings will continue to grow as blockchain technology moves through the product adoption curve.

With blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the rise, you want to ensure you stay ahead of the crowd. Devslopes blockchain industry experts bring real-world experience with them in the digital classroom to help you learn the ins and outs of blockchain development. The best way to begin learning blockchain technology is to model experts. Then once you have soaked up all their knowledge you need to begin building your own products as soon as possible. There is no better teacher than experience when it comes to building and launching blockchain products.

This training course will teach you the basic fundamentals and history of blockchain technology. You may be wondering, is anyone actually even using this technology? With this course, you’ll learn how blockchain is currently being used in present day and its potential for the future. On top of that, you’ll gain technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain architecture.

What you will learn:

  • What is blockchain?

  • History of blockchain

  • Current & future potential use cases

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

  • Blockchain developer ecosystem

  • Cryptocurrency transactions and wallets

  • Public and private keys

  • Mining & Hashing

  • Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

  • Public & private blockchains

  • Decentralized Application Platforms

This training course is perfect for beginners and experts alike and should be taken before any other cryptocurrency and blockchain related programs. Jumpstart your future and join the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution with Devslopes! Make sure you have a Mac, PC with Windows 8+ or Linux in order to download the elearning course software.

Here are the redemption instructions:

  1. Go tothis link.

  2. Click “Buy Now” on your course

  3. Enter the code: BLOCKCHAIN_COURSE_03PBLC                    

  4. Create a Devslopes account and click “Submit”

  5. Scroll down the page 

  6. Enter the redemption code below in the “Coupon Code (Optional)” field

  7. Agree to the “Terms of Use”

  8. Click “Buy Now”

Devslopes just launched their own token, Cache. Cache is a cryptocurrency that will empower developers to easily work with blockchain technology and create and manage digital assets with ease. The cryptocurrency, built upon the NEM blockchain, will power the Blockstart and Cacheout platforms.

Blockstart allows developers and businesses to deploy their own blockchain in minutes, create digital assets in one click, set up transaction management systems, and interface with their blockchain through easy-to-use SDKs for iOS, Android, and Unity. An analytics dashboard will allow users to view network status, transactions, fees collected, active users, active nodes, and more.

Cacheout will be a currency-backed regulated economy where developers can ask and answer questions. Users will be able to post a question and a bounty using Cache tokens (CHE). The user along with the community chooses the best answer and the bounty is awarded automatically.

Cache founder Mark Price said: “The barrier to entry for blockchain is way too high. We have experience with veteran developers regarding blockchain, we frequently hear (1) ‘it’s too complex’, (2) ‘the tools available are hard to work with or poorly documented’, or (3) ‘I don’t even know where to start’. We want to make blockchain usable and developer-friendly.” Devslopes is building the tools and the training to make blockchain usable for developers around the world. 

Grab this free blockchain elearning course today and join the revolution. 

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