On Friday 16th March, the first memorandum of understanding between the Maltese Asset Manager firm Framont Partners & Management LTD and DIAMAN Capital LTD was signed with satisfaction between the parties.

DIAMAN Capital, the issuer of the brand new PHI Token, is working to realize the first worldwide Platform for Hybrid Investments (PHI) where the traditional investments are merging with crypto assets in a new distribution model for financial services.

Framont will provide a SCC (Security Cell Company) for the securitization of crypto-management portfolio for the realization of the first securitization cell based on crypto assets in Malta.
Framont will also be the advisor for a client managed account in the PHI platform once this will be readily available in Q3 2108, providing with a portfolio for the investors of the PHI platform based on the long experience of the company in asset management.

DIAMAN Capital is launching right now the PHI Token, in ICO process until the 21st of March, a new Token that allows the holders to access, in a freemium version, financial softwares used right now only by professional and institutional investors.

The PHI Token allows also to purchase a series of different financial servicessuch as financial advisory, newsletter, research, model portfolio, risk management services and so on with a 30% of cash-back respect to the fiat payment, providing an effective reduction of cost to the financial instruments.

“I’m very happy to sign the first MoU agreement with Framont, – Daniele Bernardi CEO of DIAMAN told – to demonstrate that our business model is attractive not only for the investors but also for the Asset Managers that can reduce the cost of compliance and gain more clients all around the world”
“I’m glad to participate in Daniele’s project and togive him assistance creating a flourish partnership in order to merge our financial competencies– this is the reply of Gianluigi Montagner – as I believe that the future is Digital and the platform that DIAMAN is realizing is a good mean to combine traditional and digital finance with our support and experience.”.

Media and Press Contact:
Gary Collins
[email protected]

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