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Even though the current use cases of NFTs and non-fungible tokens are limited to artworks and musicals, there is so much more that you can explore. Crypto domains, in particular, are an untapped market that Quik is aiming to disrupt. 

Over the past decades, domain name investments have made significant contributions to the making of internet billionaires. For instance, Lasvegas.com is currently one of the most expensive domain names, purchased for a massive 90 million USD in 2005. 

However, the value of decentralized internet, or Web 3.0, has shined since the beginning of this stay-home decade amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is expanding rapidly and becoming more available than ever. 

Today, users can access the decentralized web with one small change in their DNS settings. It is a significant breakthrough, giving billions of internet users access to decentralized networks across the globe.

In turn, it also allows website owners to build blockchain websites in addition to their traditional DNS websites. 

As in the case of any new technology, the advantages of blockchain domains may also not be readily apparent to users. However, if you have experience working in the domain name industry, you may already know this soon-to-be trillion-dollar market’s massive potential. 

It is a huge opportunity to start using crypto domains, and Quik is here to make the entire procedure easy, more transparent, and secure. 

Why Do You Need to Move Towards Crypto Domains?

Since blockchain domains don’t require any recurring hosting fees, you don’t have to worry about forgetting domain names renewal payments and risk having your websites shut down. In addition, more people and businesses are likely to move away from the centralized nature of social media sites to decentralized solutions for their personal and professional presence on the internet.

It offers creators and other professionals a massive opportunity to monetize their portfolios by directly selling their digital products and services. 

Crypto domains allow you to access direct payments, meaning you can directly display your work on the blockchain network and sell it to your audience in this space. Quik is anticipating a rise in virtual auctions and private showcases on the blockchain in the future, and owning crypto domains can give you access. 

When businesses find that they can sell their goods and services directly through a blockchain domain, their online storefronts will undergo a similar metamorphosis. The cost of opening a small retail business will be minimized because all that is required to begin accepting decentralized transactions is a blockchain domain.

Consumers’ purchasing experiences may be made easier by allowing them to safely take their data with them via data portability, which is enabled by decentralized identities powered by crypto domains.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have risen to prominence as a strategy to offer each member of a group more ownership and a stronger voice. A decentralized website is a great location for a DAO to get together and vote on what should be on their platform, boosting the appeal of decentralized governance. 

Forums would also thrive from free and open debates without relying on a centralized service or being concerned about unwanted restrictions by a single governing entity.

Closing Remarks

All the benefits listed above are only a taste of what could transpire in the decentralized web. Many of these opportunities are already available for you to monetize. 

As the world moves away from Web 2.0 of the massive and centralized corporations towards the decentralized web, Web 3.0 to reclaim the internet ownership, these areas are set to flourish. 

And now is the right time to get the first-mover advantage and connect to the decentralized web. Quik makes the entire process of crypto domains ownership easier, more secure, and transparent. Click here to get started today!

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