Bloconomic Expo 2019

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Bloconomic (Blockchain Economic Expo 2019) is organised by Alphacap Berhad in collaboration with Malaysia Blockchain Association to address the erroneous perception the mass community have about Blockchain and to promote advantageous properties it offers socially and commercially. We aspire to bring together the government, business and society from all walks of life into this new realm of technology in a safe and responsible manner that would spark many innovative uses of this technology through their interactions with the Blockchain experts.

In order to initiate the association from a meaningful and substantial ground, the committee members have started engaging with various Blockchain experts around the world. They have visited countries like Dubai, Singapore, China, United States of America and Germany to bring knowledge and resources into Malaysia.

Last year, Bloconomic Economic Summit was a huge success with participants of 3000 attendees, 150 media partners, 30 association members and regulator for SEA, 250 investor and venture capital, 70 speakers globally, 10 academy and universities, government from all around the world. They are the government delegates, exhibitors, regulators, research institutes, financial institution, fintech companies, Blockchain technology and industry application companies, cryptocurrency and digital asset related companies.

What to expect in Bloconomic Expo

3,000+ Attendees
100+ Media Partners
10 x Association Leaders
150+ Investors & Blockchain Venture Capitalist
50+ Influential Speakers

In alignment of the Industry Revolution 4.0, Blockchain plays a big role in revolutionize the technology from a small part of data to the Artificial Intelligence. Over the past years, the ICO and STO has become a hot debate around the industry over the regulations and security which is still on the research although the industry has been contributing highly to the world economy.

2019 is expected to be a hot year for the regulators as some of the countries have been looking into legalizing the blockchain activity including the digital asset exchanges, crypto wallet, DLT,  and so much more. This will be discussed on how the ICO and STO system will change the economy especially on how the industries is ready to adopt the use of blockchain technology for business and application.

Now that new security system has evolved, how will the STO, ABC and the IEO impact the regulations that are being studied globally which eventually lead to the contribution of each country especially Malaysia towards the business industries and the economy wholly.


Aug 15 2019 - Aug 16 2019


Rm 1200 - Rm 2000

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