In the world of cryptocurrency, there are always news and updates about all sorts of events and developments. To traders, some of these news and updates might be an early indication towards price changes of some cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is almost essential for every crypto investor to have a reliable news aggregator to always be informed and stay on top of the game. Today, we are reviewing one of the cryptocurrency news aggregators we find particularly interesting, namely Cryptocontrol.

Introducing Cryptocontrol

Cryptocontrol is a crypto news aggregation platform/ crypto trend tracking site which initially operates on web based platform. Now, Cryptocontrol has extended its reach to mobile platform such as IOS and Android, allowing more and more users to benefit from the site and app. By delivering news and information in an extremely compact and intuitive manner, there is no doubt that Cryptocontrol does have some edges against other top news aggregation platforms in the market.

The Interface

In the homepage of Cryptocontrol, a comprehensive list of news and articles are being featured at the left of the page. The articles are also been categorized according to the nature of its content such as “Analysis”, “General”, “Exchanges”, “Blockchain”, “Mining” “Government” and etc. This is definitely a handy feature that allows users to get some quick idea on the article before actually clicking into the article. On the top of the site, there is also a horizontal list of price tickers that will allow the users to know how their favorite cryptocurrency is doing once entering the site. At the end of the horizontal list, there is also a small search button which will allow the users to quickly locate relevant resources.

Cryptocontrol Interface

Another extraordinary feature about Cryptocontrol is the heat map view. Users will be directed to the heat map view by pressing the button between the home and hashtag button at the top left corner. The heat map view uses color coded heat maps to graphically presents the data. Multiple segments are being segregated from the heat map view and the color of the background denotes the theme. The popularity of a particular article can be judged using its size as well. To be honest, this layout might not be the most convenient way to read articles, however, it is nice to see that crypto control is trying to innovate by presenting its users some different and exclusive features which are not available in other news aggregator platform. 

Cryptocontrol Heatmap View


With a wide selections of crypto related news from more than two thousand sources, being informative is an understatement for Cryptocontrol. When the users clicks on any article preview on Cryptocontrol, the article will be loaded in a new window along with a link to the source. Besides, there is also a price movement summary available next to every crypto link. There are also a certain degree of flexibility on how the users like the news to be updated. Users can choose to have their news updated on hourly, daily or weekly basis based on their reading patterns. What differs Cryptocontrol from other news aggregation platform is the ability of the algorithm to observe activities on news article and supply similar articles sorted by relevance and importance to the users. 

As an all-in-one news aggregator platform, Cryptocontrol does comes with a very powerful portfolio management tool. Not only does it synchronize with the exchanges & ERC-20 tokens in the portfolio section, it also comes with a pleasant surprise, which is the ability for the users to export their entire portfolio into Excel file. Cryptocontrol also equipped with market data for virtually any coin available on the market right now including coin market cap and price chart.

Final Verdict

As a news aggregator platform which aspire to become the google news in the crypto-sector, Cryptocontrol does packed with some serious potential. It serves the main purpose very well and on top of that, it provides a decent range of personalization option as well. If you are looking for a news aggregation platform which is smooth, easy to use and not infested with annoying advertisement, Cryptocontrol might just be the ideal choice for you.

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