To improve transparency for its shareholders and other stakeholders, Core Scientific (CORZ), the world’s largest publicly traded bitcoin mining company, has begun posting production figures on its website every day.

The figure is “one of the most important performance measures in our industry,” CEO Mike Levitt said in a press release. According to co-founder and co-chairman Darin Feinstein, Core Scientific is the first publicly traded miner to report how much bitcoin it mines on a daily basis.

According to its website, Core Scientific mined 36.8 BTC (roughly $1.5 million) on Sunday. The number will update every day at 12:00 p.m. EST (16:00 UTC).

Stock exchange-listed bitcoin mining firms usually report monthly figures such as the total or the daily average of bitcoin mined, as well as hashrate and crypto held in their treasuries. Core Scientific did not mention plans to publish any daily metrics other than production figures.

Additionally, blockchain technology firm Blockstream and Jack Dorsey’s payments company Block (SQ) plan to reveal a lot more information about their mining activities. The pair have announced that solar panels and Tesla batteries will power a small bitcoin mine that will reveal real-time data on a dashboard, such as power consumption and hashrate, which is a measure of computational power.

Core Scientific is a net-neutral carbon emissions company through the use of renewable energy sources and the purchasing of renewable energy credits to offset any carbon production.

Core Scientific Inc., one of the largest publicly-traded bitcoin mining companies in North America, will begin releasing daily reports of its self-mined bitcoin production every day on its website at 12 p.m. EST, the company said in a Monday press release.

“I have been mining Bitcoin for over a decade, during which time the most commonly asked question has been, ‘How much Bitcoin does your company mine on a daily basis?,’ said Darin Feinstein, Core Scientific co-founder and co-chairman, per the release. “Today, we are the first publicly traded Bitcoin mining company to report our daily self-mined production, which is updated on our website every day at 12 p.m. EST.”

Core Scientific has been providing mining research and development since 2017, leading to the creation of over 70 related mining patents and applications. The company is somewhat of an intellectual giant in this space by providing the mining industry with an extensive range of research and development services.

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