[MALTA, November 7, 2018] Bitdepositary Ltd, the world’s first investment community for safe and secure returns on investments, is pleased to announce that its very own Bitdepositary Blockchain is just a few weeks away from launch. The new blockchain will move away from Ethereum in an effort to accelerate the introduction of its solutions.

Bitdepositary will officially launch the Bitdepositary Blockchain Solution in a few weeks. With fast and consistent work, Bitdepositary has built its own hybrid blockchain to serve its customers’ needs: some clients require a private chain solution, while others prefer a public blockchain. In this sense, Bitdepositary hybrid blockchain will meet requirements on a case by case basis.  

The decision to switch to its own blockchain was taken in view of the changes taking place in Ethereum, which could potentially impact the evolution of the BDT token.

“We would like to thank to each and every one of you for your contributions, which helped us close the token sale faster and secure funding for our roadmap milestones. We expect to go online with our BDT Blockchain in the next two to three weeks,” said Tobias Graf, CEO and Founder, Bitdepositary.

On the new blockchain, the BDT tokens will be converted to BDT coins at a ratio of 6:1. So 6 BDT tokens will be equal to 1 BDT coin. The token swap or conversion will take place over the next 6 months, and there will be an official announcement. Investors will thus get sufficient time to make the transition. The existing wallet will be updated in the coming two weeks into a completely decentralized wallet for the BDT coins. The circulating supply of approximately 600 million BDT tokens will also follow the same conversion ratio, and will become 100 million.

On the staking front, BDT will be a PoS (proof of stake) combined with X13 algorithm. PoS rewards for stake holders: 1 year (12%), 2-4 years (10%), and from the 8th year onwards, 6% per year. The platform will also feature a BDT tumbler for extra confidentiality.

BDT tokens are still available for purchase on Hotbit, and will soon be listed on IDEX and other exchanges. Investors can therefore benefit from the new conversion to the coin. The BDT exchange is on schedule for launch next year (whitelisting is currently on).

Bitdepositary is heralding a new future for crypto banking with a zero trading fee exchange and an Investors and Voting process for token generation events. With business vetting by legal and financial experts, and votes given by the community, investors will get to know which blockchain projects are trustworthy so as to stay protected from scams. Investors will also get a voice in crypto-projects. Bitdepositary offers 25% more tokens on pre-investment in token generation events made with BDT. Other features include an integrated payment solution with credit card, a secure and lightweight multi-coin wallet, and an easier way to invest in ongoing, upcoming and concluded coin offerings with up to 25 different currencies.




If you would like more information about this topic, please write CEO Tobias Graf at [email protected] 

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