Debuting in 2016, ZCash is a new cryptocurrency that is competing with the Bitcoin user base but has a worldview that incorporates an “ethical” approach to business and cryptocurrency trading. It has both public and private options and hopes to revolutionize the way transactions are conducted on a peer-to-peer basis.


As a decentralized, open-source payment system, ZCash is ideal for transactions with users on the Internet or paying for a product online to a user in another country. It offers an awesome combination of privacy and transparency. Because of its fixed quantity, like Bitcoin, ZCash also has a lot of potential to go up in value in the near future.


That’s what makes it increasingly attractive to traders who would like to get in on the ZCash craze. But, like any cryptocurrency, you need a place to store your ZCash that is secure and reliable. If it is easy to use that could be a plus, but typically users prefer secure and reliable above everything else.


That’s why we’re going to tell you about the 7 best ZCash Wallets out there right now. We know you’re probably shopping around or you might have a preferred choice already in mind. Whatever the case, we hope this article will help you solidify your decision for the ZCash Wallet to use to hold and store your cryptocurrency. We’ll discuss security, ease of use, as well as universality – that is, what other cryptocurrencies does it let you store. Everyone has their own must-haves and sometimes this is among them. That’s why it is important to shop around for your wallet first before buying your cryptocurrency.

Zcash wallet features to look out for:

Before you pick any cryptocurrency wallet, do some homework on them. Look out for the features that we are going to discuss now and only them choose the wallet. Never rush your decisions as this might result in a huge loss in the future.

  • Wallet source: Always know the company behind a particular wallet. Never use a crypto wallet that has been developed by a shady source. Always use the official wallet or a wallet from a trusted source. The team behind a wallet must be quick on their feet and should be in a position to knock out any bugs that appear and even are capable of adding new features regularly.
  • Coin support: When you start your journey into cryptocurrency, you might be using only one of the many coins. However, you will soon want to expand your portfolio. By using a wallet that supports multiple coins, you will be able to access all of them in one place.
  • Customer support: When it comes to any technology, at some point you might find yourself in a messy situation and the only way to get out of such mess is by contacting the customer care. You cannot always rely on the forums to answer your question quickly. Hence, by choosing a wallet that has a dedicated customer support team, you can be assured that your issue will be resolved quickly.
  • Security: When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is no way for you to retrieve your coins, once it has been stolen. Thus, security becomes the utmost priority while choosing a wallet. Always choose a wallet that offers multiple layers of security as such wallets are harder to crack.
  • User Reviews: Last but not the least, look up on the internet as to what other users of a particular wallet have to say about the wallet. As you are still choosing your wallet, you have no clue as to what to expect once you have decided. Thus, by knowing what other user’s think of a wallet, you can decide on one wallet.

Now that we have all that sorted, let us now get into our list of the best ZCash wallets for you.


Here are the Top 6 Best ZCash Wallets out there:

  1. 1 Trezor ( Zcash Hardware Wallet )

    What can we say about Trezor that hasn’t been said elsewhere. It’s easily one of the fan favorites out there on the market. And it offers a ton of features for both new and veteran traders. But is it the right wallet to hold your ZCash? Undoubtedly Trezor is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for your ZCash - and beyond.

     First, Trezor has as “zero trust approach” to security which minimizes the chances that a third party will hack it. Second, Trezor offers support for a ton of cryptocurrencies and alt coins. Best of all? Trezor is protected by PIN and has a recovery seed if somehow it is lost or stolen. While initially geared towards Bitcoin users, Trezor has since established an industry reputation as the go-to hardware solution for a cryptocurrency wallet.

    Buy Trezor

  2. 2 Ledger Nano S ( Zcash Hardware Wallet )

    Another amazing option that everyone loves and is probably ideal for ZCash holdings, the Ledger Nano S challenges Trezo for the top spot though, to be honest, very little distinguishes the two. They are both excellent options. Like the Trezor, it is a USB powered device. It also has compatibility with ZCash as well as 10 other cryptocurrencies and some alt coins. It is secure and is capable of connecting with tons of different software-based wallets. It is also one of the most affordable USB options out there for people who want that security. Many claim it is malware proof and unhackable, and this has largely proven true in the Ledger Nano S’s history on the market. A great device, it is probably only beated out by the Trezor’s extended cryptocurrency compatibility options.


    • The most secure wallet that you can use to store ZCash and many other cryptocurrencies.
    • Your wallet private keys are not known to anyone. Whenever you make a new transaction, the device signs the transaction. However, the private key never leaves the device. Thus, even if your PC is already compromised, your funds will still be safe.
    • You will need to confirm every transaction using a pin code on the device itself (The transaction amount will also be displayed on the small screen). Thus, there is little chance of any fraudulent transactions.
    • The developer team behind this wallet are extremely hardworking and they bring out support for new coins very often. They also fix the bugs even before it can cause any major loss.


    • The device itself costs a premium. Thus, it is not suitable for storing small amounts.
    • The device needs to be paired with a third-party software in order to send funds out of the wallet.

    Buy Ledger Nano S

  3. 3 Jaxx ( Zcash Multiplatform Wallet )

    A multi-chain, offline ZCash option, Jaxx also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, and REP. It has quick conversions between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash with other coins being added over time. It also offers many different access points for your digital information. Where Jaxx lacks, however, is in the ease of use department. Nothing is easy here and you need to know what you’re doing to make it work. This means that people new to ZCash might find Jaxx intimidating or hard to use.


    • The wallet has a built-in exchange feature that lets you convert one cryptocurrency to another.
    • All the public and private keys are stored locally on your device, behind multiple security layers. Thus, for an attacker to gain access to these private keys is extremely difficult.
    • They have a very good customer support team. You can expect any of your issues to be resolved fairly quickly
    • It is a multiplatform wallet


    • The transaction fee is higher than what it would be if you used other wallets
    • Rooms for improvement in terms of beginner friendliness

    IOS Download    Android Download

  4. 4 Coinomi ( Zcash Mobile Wallet )

    Another multi-currency wallet for iOS and Android systems, Coinomi offers the right balance of security, privacy, features, and ease of use. Inviting for the newcomer, Coinomi is probably the most comfortable to use for many people. Like Coinbase, the app features options that not only help new traders but teach them the ropes along the way. It’s only real drawback is that it is not as anonymous as some of the other options on this list. And that’s a big deal because cryptocurrencies promise anonymity along with robust security. In the security department, Coinomi is as strong as many of its rival buts, as an iOS or Android app, some think it is only a matter of time before it is hacked.


    • As it is available for mobile devices, you can transfer your funds on the go
    • It is free to use the wallet.
    • You are in full control over your funds as you have access to the private keys.


    • As mobile phones come with many security flaws, you are at a risk of being hacked. 
    • There is a considerable delay in transactions.

    IOS Download     Android Download

  5. 5 Official Zcash Client

     Zcash client: This is the official Zcash desktop client and supports only Zcash. It is completely open-source and hence has a massive team of developers who are constantly looking for new features to add and the bugs to eliminate.


    • As it is the official Zcash wallet, you can expect the security to be top notch.
    • There is close to zero delay in the broadcast of the transaction as you run an entire node on your computer.


    • As it is a full node wallet, you will have to download the entire blockchain before you can do any transactions. 
    • Not beginner friendly

    Download Zcash client

  6. 6 Guarda ( Zcash Multiplatform Wallet )

    Another robust, security-focused option out on the market, Guarda is also compatible with many different cryptocurrencies and alt coins. As part of the premium that is places on client security, Guada does not store any client information locally. Consumers who choose Guarda often do so because of this robust security feature and many ZCash consumers find this the most robust option out there. 

    One of the features that makes Guarda a favorite of cryptocurrency traders is its ability to easily shift assets from one cryptocurrency to another with limits, registration, or complex verification procedures. Interestingly, Guarda can also be used in ZCash mining operations. But you don’t have to just take our word for it: Guarda is also one of the favorites of the ZCash community online.

    Guarda Wallet  Desktop Download 
    Guarda Wallet Mobile Download 
    Guarda Wallet Chrome Extension

  7. 7 Cryptonator ( Zcash Web & Mobile Wallet )

    The strength of Cryptonator is that it is an app, device, and desktop approach that gives users a bevy of access options and a ton of security to accompany it. Describing its security as being akin to that featured at a bank, Cryptonator uses encrypted Internet protocols to protect user and transaction information. Naturally, it also provides a degree of anonymity as well. Probably the best approach for people who don’t really know what they are doing, Cryptonator offers a ton of features for the power user and layman alike. If you want a competent, robust option that gives you access points from anything that could possibly connect to the Internet, then look no further than Cryptonator.


    • Can be accessed from any device using an internet browser.
    •  It is the easiest wallet to set-up.


    • All the private keys are stored on a server. This is a prime candidate to get hacked. Thus, your funds will never be safe.
    •  You can experience downtimes on the website more often.

    Android Download 

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