Cryptocurrency is the opportunity for making money for those who are not afraid of risk and are ready to understand the features of digital currencies. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency exists in its own separate digital world. Developers are constantly working on its adaptation to real conditions and the possibility of using it in order to generate income. You can earn a lot on cryptocurrency even without investments; you just need to understand all the existing methods. There are two types of earning of cryptocurrency, mining and crane. Below you will see the most interesting and popular ways to make money on cryptocurrency. For more detail click on

1. Mining

Mining is the withdrawal of cryptocurrency for a fee. It is necessary to assemble a farm (a computer consisting of a dozen powerful video cards with special software) for the cryptocurrency you want to mine. There are some types of cryptocurrencies (Monero, Bitcoin and others) that can be mined using a simple PC or laptop. Even if your computer is low-powered, the income will go and bring little profit. This can also be attributed to the method of free cryptocurrency mining – an unrelated miner uses your computer power, but at the same time shares his earnings with you.


One of the most popular types of cryptocurrency mining when digital money is paid for viewing ads. There are no particular difficulties in it, since everything is extremely simple and clear. This method answers the question of people as accurately as possible about how to make money on cryptocurrency without investments, without spending any special effort. The algorithm of actions is simple and clear:

Registration on a special site (usually it is required to specify the cryptocurrency wallet)

Periodic visit to the site (with an interval of 5 minutes to 1 hour)

Solving captcha

Receiving cryptocurrency units to your account

Upon reaching the limit – withdrawal of funds

The advantages of the method can be noted the fact that the collection of cryptocurrency occurs without investments, and a very small income, which takes a uneven amount of time.

2. Cloud mining

You can buy power from other miners, while you do not have equipment. It is the way of affordable mining for everyone.

Pros:  Payback on invested money for 4-6 months on some cryptocurrencies

No need to be tech savvy

A variety of tariff plans for mining various cryptocurrencies

You can mine several cryptocurrencies at the same time

3. Buying cryptocurrency on the exchange

Open your account on the exchange, transfer money to it, buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Pros: The price of entry is determined by you.

A wide range of cryptocurrencies

Buying cheaper and selling more expensive, you can double the capital per day on some operations.

Good growth of popular cryptocurrencies in the future (Bitcoin, ether).

4. Purchase and storage of cryptocurrency in an electronic wallet

Open an electronic wallet or register in one of the payment systems that allow you to store cryptocurrency. Buy cryptocurrency, forget about it for a long time, and it may grow in value.

Pros: Low entry price

An analogue of a bank deposit with higher returns

The ability to store multiple cryptocurrencies

5. Purchase of cryptocurrency on one exchange and sale on another

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges on which you can often see a significant difference in the value of Bitcoin. It can reach 100-200 dollars for 1 Bitcoin. Buy on one and sell on the other, earnings on the difference in rates.

Pros: you can earn enough money a day; it all depends on the amount of investment and the number of operations.

6. Analogs of mutual funds

If is defined as you select a manager in your account on the website who will invest your funds in cryptocurrency. You can see the size of the manager’s money portfolio and what profitability it brings to investors.

Pros: Guaranteed income from 18 to 40% per month, depending on the manager

Low entry threshold – from 10 dollars

Ability to withdraw interest weekly

7. Analogue of trust management

You can invest your money in a certain community of crypto brokers who play on your stock exchange with your money and daily share income with you.

Pros:  The ability to withdraw interest in cryptocurrency or cash equivalents every day

Daily interest calculation

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