In the latest news, the basketball champion and great star Michael Jordon and his son Jeffery Jordon launched a platform that is Solana-based named HEIR Inc. The vision of this platform is to build a connection between famous athletes and their die-hard fans and build a digital culture. On March 3rd, 2022, this platform released an NFT collection naming “6 Rings” because of being inspired by the NBA star’s incredible records and six championship titles with the Chicago Bulls. It will designate each holder as a “founding fan” to stimulate sales, investments, and activity on the platform, similar to how a stockholder might. Through this launch, Jordan gives his followers additional unique opportunities to connect with him and form a close-knit, dedicated community.

HEIR had planned to offer 10,010 NFTs at first, but the quantity was later reduced due to their unsatisfactory sales trend. The site notched up sales worth USD 11,06,105 (roughly) by selling 5,005 Solana NFTs priced at 2.3 SOL or USD 221 per piece as a tribute to Michael Jordan’s legendary jersey number 23 permanently inscribed in his followers’ hearts. All the fans will be awarded unique access to “Huddles,” rare goods and materials.

Jordan and his son still have to reveal the future collaboration with the other athletes who will join HEIR. They’ve teamed up to create more ways for their ‘founding fans’ to have a stake in the game and receive exclusive content to continue growing a bigger and better community, backed by Jordan’s renowned heritage.

Jordan has made other investments in Crypto and NFTs. He is a part of a massive NFT investment of around $46 Million; the firm is Metaplex Foundation. He has also invested in a gaming startup, Mythical Games, that aims to build NFT gaming and bring it to the real world. Jordan’s ‘6 Rings’ (already sold out) is now available for purchase on the NFT website. Check it out on the HEIR platform, mobile app, or Magic Eden.

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