It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. With the world shifting toward remote work and cutting-edge tools being widely accessible, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to compete on a global scale.

Having the right tools can help you achieve your entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether your goal is to get organized, become a more efficient worker, or get your finances in order, these five apps can help.


Some people view debt as an unfortunate fact of life. Others are making strides to become financially independent and get out of their toxic spending cycles. For entrepreneurs, having a poor credit score or less-than-perfect debt history can be detrimental. These considerations can limit your loan options and deter investors from your business.

DisputeBee is an app that helps individuals and entrepreneurs dispute negative items on their credit report. In other words, it bears the brunt of the often-complex process of repairing credit and boosting one’s credit score. This app will help generate letters to help you remove late payments or old debts so that you can repair your personal and business credit.


Time management is often a challenge for entrepreneurs. The technology that creates so many opportunities for modern business owners can also be incredibly distracting. For entrepreneurs, multitasking is an art form. However, it sometimes results in important things getting missed and can negatively impact the quality of work produced.

Hatch is a time management app that adds a fun twist to staying focused. To get started, you choose an egg to incubate while you focus. The egg takes over your smartphone screen, blocking other apps and notifications for the timeframe you choose. If you stay focused during the incubation, you’ll be rewarded with a mysterious hatchling. If you get distracted, your egg won’t hatch.

Hatch is a great app to help you start time blocking and focus on the work at hand. It can improve productivity by scheduling periods of focused work and breaks for lesser-value tasks.


Social media management takes a lot of time and consideration. It’s also viewed as an essential part of modern businesses. Not only does it help you generate new leads by expanding your audience, but social media is also a must for creating trust and social proof.

While there are plenty of social media scheduling apps available, Buffer takes the cake. It’s a freemium service that can be easily upgraded or scaled to fit your business needs. The app is intuitive, with clean lines and simple navigation. It can sync between team members, as well as mobile and desktop accounts, to ensure you can schedule and analyze on the go.


Ivy is a to-do list app with a mindfulness component that will help modern entrepreneurs find their balance. Unlike many to-do list apps, Ivy uses social accountability by encouraging you to post your daily intentions in the morning and share your accomplishments in the evening.

As many entrepreneurs work alone, this is a fantastic app for building camaraderie and accountability with like-minded individuals. Consider challenging other entrepreneurs within your network to join you on Ivy for motivation and culpability.


Administrative and accounting tasks often get put on the backburner for entrepreneurs. The more you procrastinate on these tasks, the bigger the struggle when tax season rolls around. Furthermore, delays in invoicing result in payment delays; these can drastically impact your cash flow and put your business in a perilous position.

Quickbooks is a bookkeeping app that’s easy to use and has plenty of entrepreneur-oriented features, such as receipt tracking and business performance snapshots. You can use Quickbooks to create a one-stop-shop for all your business finances.

With the right attitude and combination of tools, you can take your business to the next level and engineer your success as an entrepreneur.

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